Transcendence and Meditation

The following four scriptures — along with a key verse from Bhagavad-Gita — when understood and implemented, have profound bearings on defeating coronavirus naturally thus halting its spread globally, for ultimately, self-immunity would be the answer.

Keep this concept of health insurance and of self-immunity under consideration while scanning this article.

‘Jesus rose body and soul gloriously and triumphantly into heaven’ Luke 24–51

During my teens and early school-going years, on hearing or reading these words, I would ask myself repeatedly, ‘how in the world is that feat possible, are these claims for real’?

Back then, the heavily indoctrinated religious priest/teachers, and fundamentalist procedure for scriptures, left no room for healthy questioning. For them, institutional literal Scripture was real, abdominal muscles thing the Bible warns against. Everything biblical in those days was predicated on blind faith similar to their own, there being no room inside their inn for just a broader perspective. We either excepted manmade institutional scripture or excommunicated our-self from ‘their’ church.

How times have changed.

Understanding some biblical terms.

So, beyond blind faith, how practically does ‘rising’ into heaven occur, how is this fact physically possible?

Amazingly, panic disorder this and other questions were revealed centuries ago because of the ancient rishis of India inside five-thousand years plus immortal Bhagavad-Gita.

So, allow us to put these scripture into relatable mature context, held by esoteric understanding.

To grasp this plus the following transformative scriptures fully, it’s important to understand what certain biblical terms like ‘Jesus’ and ‘man’ represent esoterically.

Just keep at heart – an empty one ideally — that, the verses on the verge of be decoded, are relevant to defeating coronavirus.

So, biblical ‘Jesus’ is usually a given title meaning ‘Ideal Man’, the Perfect or Transcendent Mind – ‘Man’ is symbolism for Mind.

Isaiah 11-6 puts it: “And the Wolf shall dwell using the Lamb”

Not seeming obvious — to get heavily coded – but, when translated, Isaiah covers perfectly the method of ‘rising gloriously and triumphantly into heaven’, once we shall see.

‘The wolf shall dwell together with the Lamb’ translates an activity of integration, where ‘wolf’, being symbolism for mind/lower intellect and senses, these particular ‘shall dwell’, integrate, have unity — cease their learned activity — thereby rise to your level of heaven in this own consciousness.

Rising into heaven therefore will not be about a physical body somehow defying the laws of gravity and rising up in the sky. Rather, rising happens within your brain, rising up spiritually within consciousness, that, it is the mind/senses/lower-ego which — on becoming transformed — rise for the state of Heavenly awareness, of, Perfect Health consciousness.

Wolf and Lamb therefore graphically depict the seeming impossible scenario. Isaiah is indicating that the lower ‘fatted calf’, a persons intellect/senses combined, that she terms, the wolf — shall cease all lusting, craving, ravenous sense-consciousness activity and dwell [merge in stillness] AS the Lamb [of God, of, Pure Innocence].

Jesus said: “It is written”:

“Man isn’t going to live by bread alone but on every word that comes from your mouth of God” – Matthew 4-4.”

The esoteric term: “It is written” means, already established, printed in stone, or, the unchanging Truth of your Being. That, even as we’re each born both relative and absolute simultaneously, that, this [teaching] pertains to our method of ‘soul feed’ from your Absolute.

The take-away is: food which we buy or grow makes all the physical relative earth body, but that, Spirit is which nourishes, and forms, the imperishable spiritual body. Also, that, feeding the ego/senses/mind with intellectual pleasures only won’t alter the state with the soul upward – hence the spiritual price of fasting, of denying the 5 senses their ‘craving’ experiences.

This scripture broadens the earlier Isaiah message. It sets the esoteric agenda for defeating coronavirus, for, ultimately, it’s we who must implement these scriptures practically, cause them to alive and real in our life beyond belief systems and intellectual ‘food’, which food, sometimes, through the spiritual benefit aspect, may be de-vitalized food-words.

The following translation clarifies what ‘bread’ and ‘man’ into more relatable terms.

1 Corinthians 21 puts it:

“For in the same way death came by methods of a man, within the same way everyday from death comes by methods of a man.”

When reflected upon esoterically — with regards to going to heaven and defeating coronavirus — this verse is one from the most pivotal to be aware of, even as we shall see.

‘Man’ here, as said before, is symbolism for mind, thus, rising or ascension into heaven is by methods of the mind. ‘Death’ here meaning decrease in spiritual awareness. In plain english, since it was the born-into animalistic mind which caused loss – or death — of conscious or aware hitting the ground with eternal Spirit, it’s throughout the same mind, when awakened and transformed, the soul regains divine status, regains eternal awareness, which awareness forms the Resurrection body, that relating to divine consciousness — to add in covid immunity.

So, to ensure that mind to elevate gloriously and triumphantly in to the kingdom of love, peace and healing, it should experience spiritual Bread or, Mana, like, Man+A, meaning, mind nourished in vibrational ‘A’ such as, ‘A’UM, the sacred vibration of creation which alone contributes to transcendence, which alone nourishes and transforms, recalibrates, your entire respiratory and neurological system into making Ascent possible and experiential. To this outcome, even though the physical body feeds in the world food, mental performance — meaning ‘man’ — nourishes on spiritual MANA or ‘Word of God’ AUM vibration. Thus, through daily intake into your mind of Aum vibration, of Mana, mind ‘feasts’ lavishly on Health and Bliss in the absolute eternal realm.

What is transcendence and just how does one transcend?

As the above mentioned biblical authors were speaking from highly developed meditative/transcendent intellects – but not sermonizing in a formal religion context — thus, to know their trance revelations for the practical level, it is necessary that we cognize just the thing happens planned and body during meditation before transcendence.

Meditation can be a journey in to the Perfect: a trip into Life, into your own consciousness. A journey of human awareness unto spiritual transformation. A journey of overcoming, of revelation and Ascent unto eternal consciousness.

To this outcome, as being the breath reduces in amplitude in meditation, thus persona also reduce to minimal or, least activity. This least activity, of lowering the metabolic process, corresponds to pure consciousness, for great health. This state of least mind/body/breath activity, of non-passivity, lies away from plane on the material world, oahu is the realm of absolute Being.

Least activity, of going from gross to subtle, represents suspension of ageing as well as the stress-producing hormones. Such occurs when the breath, neurological system and conditioned intellect, while simultaneously aware, ascend unto transcendental consciousness.

Thus transcendence IS eternity, transcendence IS Being, transcendence IS Heaven as our risen consciousness, the Resurrection in the new spiritual health body,

What is Being?

The word Being means ‘to be’ like Be-ing. Being is eternal: always was, always will probably be, meaning Being is Omnipresence, everywhere simultaneously. So, if we’re to imagine the state-nature of Heaven, of Being, we’ve just ‘to be’ within, in a effortless way. This represents meditation minus belief systems, which, play no part inside the process.

Meditation thus expands the conscious capacity of mind – making the unconscious conscious — thus establishing mind in Omnipresence status: alignment using the eternal cosmic life force, the vibratory nature of Transcendent Being.

To accommodate conscious resume Being, our consciousness must re-orientate to resist pure transcendental silence. Thus, transcendence, like metal to magnet, happens lawfully, when mind becomes naturally drawn upward, drawn gloriously and triumphantly unto renaturing as eternal bliss.

Beyond the laws of nature and defeating coronavirus

Health is primary and is ab muscles nature of Being. In this context, regards gaining Being consciousness, Lord Krishna, inside the immortal Bhagavad Gita, puts it to Arjuna, symbolism for you/me:

“Be without worrying about three gunas O Arjuna” — ch 2 v 45.

In plain english, transcend the laws [of nature] which govern the realm of relativity and ill-health insurance and enter the whole world of transcendental consciousness, the never-changing state beyond disease and viruses, beyond the arena of opposites and also the ever-changing phenomenal world.

Post meditation, body and mind return infused of health, return cosmically, bringing eternal bliss consciousness into every aspect from the material body. Expression on this new bliss status through the human beings physiology thus is necessary. It ensures permanency of transcendental bliss status under consideration, nerve fibres and throughout the complete cellular, molecular systems, the fitness of which are primary in establishing disease-free consciousness and immediate immune a reaction to coronavirus.

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